Friends of KaKot

“Simply the Best”

The focus of Friends of Kakot are the children and their parents in Kakot, one of the poorest villages, situated in the north east of Cambodia.

The aim of Friends of Kakot is to provide ongoing help to the community to improve their daily lives and create a better future for the children.  A major goal is that all children will finish primary school and – with extended lessons in English, Computers, sport and games as well as a library –  will learn and develop additional skills they will need in the future, a future in which the continuation of education in secondary schools becomes realistic.

We also focus on the parents by helping  them to make a significant change/increase in their income via improved farming activities.  More attention to hygiene will be passed on to these parents from their children, who will learn this at school. Accordingly, diseases like pneumonia will hopefully be reduced.

Friends of Kakot intend – with an integrated approach to problems – to achieve sustainable and optimised solutions for this village and its inhabitants. Transparency towards the sponsors is guaranteed as progress of the projects is published on the website.

Mission statement: ‘give the villagers the responsibility to improve their living conditions and create better prospects for the future with the help of the sponsored budget of the Friends of Kakot’.