Budget Primary School

Available budget Materials required Realisation
Sanitation Soap, toilet paper, towels done
Waste Trashcan, pick up litter in progress
School material Storage cabinets, classroom material, school boards in progress
Football ground Goals, fence: wire, nails done
School building Repair windows done
School gate School sign in progress
School entrance Cement, stones, sand in progress
Bicycle parking Wire, poles in progress
Seats at school square Wood done

Budget Kindergarten

Budget Kindergarten:
for 25 children from
vulnerable families
Annually€ 8,000
Professional Teachers salary 2 occupational forces € 3,200
Parents Compensation volunteering € 1,400
Meals Lunch children € 1,200
Medical examination Medical Practitioner € 500
Maintenance Building and play area € 500
Toys Games and toys € 1,000
Sanitation Toilet paper,   Soap, towels € 100
Waste Trashcan, pick up litter € 100

Progress of the Kindergarten

The kindergarten started in August 2017 with 30 children in the community center.

We urgently are looking for sponsors so that we can continue the paying the operational cost: salary of teacher, food and drinks for children, medical checks of children, school material and maintenance of the building.

By the end of 2018, the final childcare facilities still to be built must be realized.