In Kakot happens a lot.

There are clearly positive changes visible in the village, which we follow closely. Interviews, photos and background stories show this.

In Newsletters july 2017 you can read how Chin Lyta, the 23-year-old leader, started in March with 15 children in Kindergarten. The initiation of the initiative proves the waiting list for this.

The following newsletter includes the interview with the primary school director. He has been enthusiastic about getting started with his school. There has already been a lot of work, more needs to be done. He also shares his concerns about teaching with us.

Curious about their stories and beautiful pictures? You can read that in the newsletter, which we regularly post. In this way, we want to inform all sponsors and interested parties about what the Friends or Kakot mean for this village.

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newsletter september 2017 interview head of school part 1